There are cases where there are blogging enthusiasts, and there are cases of fascinated gamers. And then there is me: a fascinated gamer and a blogging enthusiastic. So, in a day and a place where there would be all types of toys, games, comics and much more from the pop culture industry, it was always set in stone that I would be there, for all of it.


Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention is the largest toy and gaming event in region that boasts a “40,000 visitors in 2 days” trinket. Although it is meant to include comics and games as well, it barely does as the toys basically get most of the attention – and for a good reason too: demand. As many as 221 exhibitors came on show from 13 countries as well as 269 international media broadcasted. Not only toys, games and comics, but autograph sessions, stage performances, promotional giveaways, and renowned exhibitors from throughout the world all made the event even more exciting than it was ever supposed to be – I would be willing to bet this week was one of the best of the year for conference and other meeting room rentals in Singapore! I’m pretty convinced there were probably even more participants, but let’s cut that short and head straight into the topic, my experience.

To begin with, one specific attraction that really gave me that kind of “spark” was the Magic Origins booth. It was awesome. However, as much as I wanted to spend quite a few hours there, I really needed to explore around for all kinds of games and toys. Let’s just say this year included way more options than previous years, all to my excitement!

Going around the venue, I came across all types of comics and games. However, you couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming domination by Star Wars and Marvel.

Star Wars seem to have bent to the demand, as you could notice the high importance they put in some of their most popular toys. In addition to Han Solo’s large imprisoned sculpture, there was a small, super cute version of Vader, a large diorama which included the Death Star trench run as well as awesome scenes from the movies. Going further, figures of new and old alike such as Kylo Ren and Darth Maul (imagine them in a battle pit?!), Jabba, the original figures from Episode IV, and even the new TIE Fighter! As a cherry on top, there were the large, human sized Singapore’s chapter of the 501st Legion that looked nothing less than awesome!

On to Marvel who, although not exactly at Star Wars level just yet, were a tremendous rival nonetheless. To begin with, a human-sized Ant-Man was there to welcome you and already give you the first impressive feelings of what’s to come. It goes from good to better, as human-sized versions of Hulk, Hulkbuster, Thanos, Phoenix, Black Bolt, Flash and many more were there to ensure that you really wanted to be a part of it all. Smaller versions were up for sale, and you just had to get it all! Did I almost forget to mention the human-sized Iron Legion helmet and the cosmic flyer Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy were there as well?!


Let’s just say, for my own well-being, I am glad the event wasn’t longer. Each and every additional day and/or toy there would have meant more trouble – financial wise, space wise, emotional wise… you name it!

I am already looking forward to the one next year though